When to visit Kauai

When should I visit the marvelous Hawaiian island of Kauai? A good question with quite the easy answer and that is simply anytime you wish. Why?  Because the weather is pretty much the same throughout the whole year.


In the winters, it is usually a 70 in temperature, while in the summers you should expect an 80. Kauai is wetter in atmosphere compared to the other islands and it is considered one of the wettest places in the world. The wettest areas in the island are in the north and east coast, which are referred to as the windward side. The drier areas are the south and west, but it is no dessert, the island is full green all around. It is called ‘The Garden Island’ after all. This wetness is more prominent in the winter, from November to March. This is also time of whale migration and you can be lucky enough to spot them through the waters. Be sure to check out tours, boats or groups who dedicate to whale watching so you can be sure to have your own chance. Yet it is this wetness that helps to aid Kauai in its beauty, providing it its lush green, colorful fauna with diversity and graceful waterfalls. It helps to give a great amount of life and just the island paradise we all expect to stay forever and having our needed relaxation.


Being the northernmost island in Hawaii, it means it receives more rain than what the mainland does. Luckily, they are quick and in no time you will see the sun shining splendidly. Only a storm of some sort can bring prolonged times of rain and bad weather. To be sure to not catch some of these wild storms, check the local weather forecast and let it help you plan an appropriate time without much worries for the weather. When you do, do not follow the ones dedicated for all of Hawaii as the downpours in Kauai can be very different from the main island. Find one that centers in Kauai and do not be disappointed to see rain every day in the forecast. As mentioned, they are brief, perhaps only a couple of minutes and then you can dedicate to spending a good quality time. Rest assured, the beach areas receive less of these pours. The ocean waters will be comfortable, perfect for a swim, scuba diving and even surfing. Learn more.


Deal wise, the best are found from April to May, as well as September to December. The busiest time is Christmas which means doubling to the prices. During spring and fall you have less visitors, which in turns means less crowds and that means the prices dwindle as well. If you still want an exact answer to the question you came here with, then from all these acquired information, we can pinpoint April, May, August, September and October as the best times to visit. Now you can plan appropriately to your taste, time and needed time to unwind. To find out more, check out https://koloalandingresort.com/resort-amenities/

Kauai Hazards – Staying Safe On Your Vacation


Although theisland is one in every of the foremost unimaginable places on Earth, it’s not good simply nearly perfect. There are many Kauai Hazards that you just ought to remember of whereas visiting: the sun, the surf, a few bugs, speed traps, red dirt and swimming in H2O streams.

The Intense Sun

Kauai may be a tropical paradise placed at 22° latitude which suggests it receives additional direct daylight than anywhere on the solid ground. Folks come back to the current lovely island with its temperate climate and heavenly trade winds and don’t understand however quickly they’re going to burn. Try and avoid the daylight between eleven AM and a pair of PM. Wear the doctor counseled waterproof cream with associate degree SPF of thirty, in no way but fifteen. If you’ve got honest skin and need to try to little sunbathing, don’t try and get that tropical tan dead someday. It simply doesn’t work that approach. Bear in mind the sun is additional intense here. Simply lie out fifteen or twenty minutes per aspect on the primary day and step by step increase the time on a daily basis. A sunburn will fully spoil an exquisite vacation.

Powerful Surf

The surf is another major safety concern. Sadly, Hawaii has additional drowning than the other state within us. One reason being, there’s additional opportunity: additional swimmers and additional beaches. However, there’s additionally another issue. The waves are larger and stronger here. Massive scalawag waves will come back onto land all of sudden, having fashioned from 2 or additional waves stumped. Rip currents will type with no warning. The underground topography of beaches is continually dynamical throughout the year. Never enter the water if the ocean appearance rough and you’ll see sturdy rip currents. The most effective thanks to keeping safe is to swim wherever there are lifeguards, particularly if you’re not a robust swimmer. The recommendation here isn’t supposed to frighten you removed from the beaches, however, to prompt you to respect the facility of the brilliant ocean so that you won’t become a datum. Simply use sense,and you’ll be fine.


Mosquitoes may be annoying once hiking, however, dipterous insect lotion repellent containing Diet is incredibly effective at stopping them. The lotions stick higher than the liquids. A lover processing on you may additionally facilitate once sleeping at midnight. Don’t get the impression the island is overrun with mosquitoes. That’s not the case. It’s simply best to be ready.

Speed Traps

Driving in theisland could also be slower than what you’re accustomed, therefore watch your speed otherwise you could get caught in a trap. Also, don’t forget to wear your safety harness. The law is strictly implemented.

Kauai’s Red Dirt

The dirt on theisland is much totally different from what you’re most likely accustomed. It’s red, it’s lovely,and man will it stain. It stains pitilessly and may ruin garments and shoes before you know it. Simply save your nice things for the occasions after you apprehend you may not be returning up-to-date thereupon lovely red stuff. Wear garments you don’t mind obtaining stained. Be casual and revel in yourself. That’s the approach it’s here.


Do not swim in H2O streams if you’ve got open cuts and didn’t drink the water. A bacterium referred to as swamp fever may be found in some Hawaii’s H2O. It transmitted from animal excretory product and may enter the body through recent cuts, the eyes, nose, etc. and drinking the water. It may be treated with antibiotics if treated early. If you see a signal that warns you to not swim during a sure space, then it’s best to listen. And although you don’t see a signal, simply bear in mind the caution.


Consider this list of Kauai Hazardsas a listing of cautions supposed to form your trip to island additional pleasant and bother free. It’s still a slice of paradise; this tips will go a long way to help.



Aloha! We have finally have decided on our perfect holiday destination, Kauai but now we have to pick the best Kauai beach resort that will help us get the most out of our holiday.

Where to Stay on Kauai

It’s an island, it doesn’t matter where we stay, you might think to yourself. It does matter; the last thing you want to do on your long awaited for holiday is waste time driving from point A to point B. It is very important to pick one of the many Kauai hotels to fit your needs. Let’s begin with a quick geographic lesson of the island of Kauai; we can focus our attention on the costal shorelines: on the northern coastline we can find the rainiest part of Kauai, as it is near to the Napali coast, it is good location for hiking. Now the West side of the island, is the old whaling town of Waimea and Hanapepe Town, in the area there are many towns and villages, many of the best Kauai resorts, and the Waimea canyon. Now, moving on to the East Coast, we have many famous waterfalls, fern grottos, and a quaint little town called Kapaa Town, that is great for shopping, also many wonderful Kauai beach resorts are in that area. The South shore of Kauai is the renowned spouting horn, and the beautiful Poipu beach, that has some of the best hotels in the world. In this article, we will explain what there is to see, do and absorb on Kauai and we tell what part of the island it is on, so you can decide what part of the island you would prefer to stay at in our Kauai Beach resort.

See on Kauai

One of the most photographed places in Kauai is found on the south shore, is the Spouting Horn; the waves go under the lava rock and spit up like a horn blowing water.

On the north shore, if you are the adventurous type, hike the Napali trail to see the breathtaking beauty of the Napali coastline; this is on the bucket list of millions. But don’t dismay if you aren’t the adventurous type, you can fly over or take a boat along the coast to experience the breathtaking beauty. Also along the north shore, there are many places to hop on a boat and go whale watching. On the east side, you can find Opaekaa Falls, which you can see from the road. The west shore, there is the spectacular Waimea Canyon, which is often called the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. These are all must see’s in Kauai, but make sure your Kauai Resort is nearby.

Do on Kauai

There is so much to see and do in Kauai, but something is number one in all of our TO DO lists, to beach bumming, so it would be wise to check online and see what options the Kauai beach resorts offer for beach access and beaches. Do go shopping on the east shore; in the Kaapa town and buy some milk chocolate covered macadamia nuts. You must go get selfie’s in the quaint little Hanapepe Town, often called “Kauai’s biggest little town” that is located on the west coast. Do go for a swim or two at America’s best beach, Poipu Beach Park located on the south shore. Also do go experience one of the many famous hula shows near Poipu Beach.

Absorb on Kauai

Depending where you are on the island, sit on the beach, watch the sunrise or sunset and absorb the tranquility and beauty of life. On the east coast, walk into the beautiful fern grotto and enjoy the majestic colors. At your Kauai Beach Resort, sit on the balcony of your room and drink a mai tai while munching on Taro chips. Walk barefoot on the beach, sit and listen to the waves,softly crashing on the shoreline, without a care or worry in your mind. The key is to just enjoy your holidays and staying at one of the many high quality Kauai resorts will allow you to absorb the essence of Kauai.

We wish you the best holiday, possible in breathtaking Kauai and check out a deal online to get a car rental included in the rental of your Kauai Beach Resort. Mahalo! For more info: http://koloalandingresort.com/

Where Should You Buy Your Next Beach House: Cabo or Kauai?

Cabo or Kauai beach villas?  Mexican and Hawaiian beach resorts have long competed for the affections of vacation-home purchases from the Western Seacoast and beyond. Here we weigh the great things about two new communities in these typical destinations.

Chileno Bay Vacation Resort& Residences

The Place- New to the Auberge Resorts Collection, this property rests within Finding Land Co.’s 1,200-acre Chileno Bay community. The 32 residences are steps from a swimmablecove–a rarity in Los Cabos–that is suitable for snorkeling.

What $2.8 Mil Gets You

A front-row view of whales from your four-bedroom, 3,100-square-foot penthouse fitted with Wolf and Sub-Zero equipment in the kitchen and a hot tub on the terrace.

The Privileges- Usage of the hotel’s spa, beach membership, water-sports centre, and more. Full membership starts up all the trappings of Chileno Bay, especially its Tom Fazio course.

Amenity You did not Know You Needed

Chileno Bay regular membership also affords harvesting privileges at its organic and natural farm.

Best For- Active families buying an informal getaway where they can fish at sunrise, golfing in the afternoon, and swim and snorkel in between. (chilenobayresidences.com) –Lisa Sweetingham

Hokuala Kauai beach resort–A Timbers Resort

The Place- Debuting in stages start this year; this 450-acre spread would be the last oceanfront development on Kauai, grandfathered in thanks to a decades-old offer. Timbers Resorts stepped in last year to figure a community that will initially include 47 residences.

What $2.8 Million Gets You

A two-bedroom, 1,714-square-foot unit with three lanais looking over a lagoon. Sliding glass doors open up onto Kauai beach resort.

The Privileges

Preferential tee times at the Jack port Nicklaus course, plus usage of a spa, gym, clubhouse, and children’s programs.

Amenity You did not Know You Needed

Water taxis to have you to the community’s retail centre, running tracks, event pavilion, and other spots.

Best For

The private-jet set in place who can hop to the island quickly (the airport is nearby) and enjoy hiking, paddle boarding, and other effective pursuits. (hokualakauai.com) –Heidi Mitchell

Evade to the serenity of our Kauai Beach Resort

Plan an excellent family vacation with us here in Hawaii! With oceanfront accommodations and a perfect location, Marriott’s Kauai Beach Resort Membership sets the firmness for anunforgettable experience. You will discover our resort perfectly placed along Kalapaki Beach and ornamented by the beautiful natural splendour of Kauai, with its rainforests, lava sand beaches and majestic waterfalls.

Impeccably appointed visitor rooms, villas and parlours imitate the stately design of a Royal Hawaiian property; you need to include oceanfront or resort garden views, as well as free Wi-Fi and pillow top bed linen.

To conclude:

Some of our accommodations feature their private balconies as well. Exceptional amenities for your Kauai visit add a 26,000-square-foot swimming pool, a championship golf course, a spa and today’s gym. Savour a range of different cuisines at one of our on-site restaurants. Alternatively, just relax and enjoy the sand and search; one of Hawaii’s most incredible beaches is merely outside your door.We look forward to welcoming you to Marriott’s Kauai Beach resort Golf Club! Find out more in this site : http://koloalandingresort.com/