When to visit Kauai

When should I visit the marvelous Hawaiian island of Kauai? A good question with quite the easy answer and that is simply anytime you wish. Why?  Because the weather is pretty much the same throughout the whole year.


In the winters, it is usually a 70 in temperature, while in the summers you should expect an 80. Kauai is wetter in atmosphere compared to the other islands and it is considered one of the wettest places in the world. The wettest areas in the island are in the north and east coast, which are referred to as the windward side. The drier areas are the south and west, but it is no dessert, the island is full green all around. It is called ‘The Garden Island’ after all. This wetness is more prominent in the winter, from November to March. This is also time of whale migration and you can be lucky enough to spot them through the waters. Be sure to check out tours, boats or groups who dedicate to whale watching so you can be sure to have your own chance. Yet it is this wetness that helps to aid Kauai in its beauty, providing it its lush green, colorful fauna with diversity and graceful waterfalls. It helps to give a great amount of life and just the island paradise we all expect to stay forever and having our needed relaxation.


Being the northernmost island in Hawaii, it means it receives more rain than what the mainland does. Luckily, they are quick and in no time you will see the sun shining splendidly. Only a storm of some sort can bring prolonged times of rain and bad weather. To be sure to not catch some of these wild storms, check the local weather forecast and let it help you plan an appropriate time without much worries for the weather. When you do, do not follow the ones dedicated for all of Hawaii as the downpours in Kauai can be very different from the main island. Find one that centers in Kauai and do not be disappointed to see rain every day in the forecast. As mentioned, they are brief, perhaps only a couple of minutes and then you can dedicate to spending a good quality time. Rest assured, the beach areas receive less of these pours. The ocean waters will be comfortable, perfect for a swim, scuba diving and even surfing. Learn more.


Deal wise, the best are found from April to May, as well as September to December. The busiest time is Christmas which means doubling to the prices. During spring and fall you have less visitors, which in turns means less crowds and that means the prices dwindle as well. If you still want an exact answer to the question you came here with, then from all these acquired information, we can pinpoint April, May, August, September and October as the best times to visit. Now you can plan appropriately to your taste, time and needed time to unwind. To find out more, check out https://koloalandingresort.com/resort-amenities/

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